Nature Sparkle

Nature Sparkle creates beautiful polished diamonds from 0.5 carat all the way up to 10 carats in size. We buy rough goods from across the world and produce polished goods in a range of qualities and color.
Nature Sparkle knows the importance of the process of buying a diamond, therefore all diamonds at Nature Sparkle were carefully selected for their quality so you can be sure you are receiving a the highest quality diamonds for the best prices available.
Have any questions? Get in touch with our expert team and they will guide you to perfection!

High-Level Personal Service

Everybody claims they do it – but not every company really does.
You will read a lot about providing a high-level, professional and personal service. But many consumers unfortunately are aware that once they have bought an item, the after-sales service can be disappointing.
Not with Nature Sparkle! We practice what we preach, with complete attention to detail and making sure that buyers are satisfied with their purchases.

Completely Secure Online Shopping

Some shoppers are still nervous about buying online. It’s natural – you are spending a relatively large amount on jewelry you have not even seen or felt.
This is the reason why we offer free shipping+ a free returns policy and a secure payment system that ensures your security. We believe it is vital that our customers feel totally secure.

Anti-Theft Laser Inscription

Your diamond jewelry is a valued symbol of your love and also a considerable financial investment which you want to have and treasure for many years to come. That’s why we offer buyers complete peace of mind with our special diamond laser inscription service. We can inscribe a name and number on the diamond to ensure its identity.

What are the advantages? This protection means you will always be able to identify your diamond thanks to our microscopic inscription placed on the girdle of your stone.

This unique inscription, either of a number or words, is only visible with a microscope or with a loupe, and not to the naked eye. It does not affect the value of your diamond – it simply allows your diamond to be positively identified in case of theft or loss.

Lifetime Upgrade

If you, or whoever owns the diamond ring, wants to upgrade it, it’s possible to do this with some of the elements of the ring. Just keep the original receipt and we will take care of this.


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